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Diagramming my projects

Updated: Jan 22

I oscillate (literally) between the nerdy part of my brain / self and the expressive / creative parts of my self. Applying to this residency was a way for me to resolve these aspects of my self: very serious, very silly, footnote and no note etc. The fact that people in general exist amidst extremes that force us to constsntly seek balance is interesting. And that this residency and its events are all happening virtually is even more fascinating in an interdimensional way.

It has presented me with an opportunity to revisit works that I had created before (art and scholarly) and try to translate them -- i.e to turn my artworks into academic works, and academic works into artworks.

Considering the aspect of time as a non-linear and cyclic forcefield, I want to release my previous thinking from being static and stuck in a moment of time when it was made.

I have written and published a few pretty awful written texts that i thought were academic-- dense, opaque, repetitive and almost without any feeling. I was likely too young to be assertive in my views and I still get that feeling when I try and re read them, which i often cannot. i want to take them and rework them to upgrade and make them less static and maybe more sensical. Maybe not. But I am still convinced by the ideas I wrote of, just think the format of academic text was wrong for them. They should have been paintings or cartoons or songs to begin with.

Some other thoughts:

  1. to take the text and find rhythms, tempos and ways in which there are ways of giving it notational limits (time taken to read it, word count, structural beats, tones?) -- i will be analysing time / space issues and hopefully sormthing related to sound because I enjoy music and find sounds are very healing (and noises often very disturbing and distruptive)

  2. turning what I analyse and find into visual artworks (video, drawings, neon poems, wall art -- songs?). I'm assuming that I will be very limited with what I create given the work that I will base it on is both old and it will need text updating too. Some forms: turning all static text into dynamic / multi dimensional artworks (and artworks into short texts or essays).

  3. using this process as an example of addressing systemic errors, and miscommunications -- If i can reflect on my own work and visualize the patterns in new ways to engage the senses in order to tranmit knowledge paradigms, maybe I will also discover a broader way in which this translation is a symptom and metaphoric repair of other existing systemic imbalances. maybe not, but i can dream so. + this is a blogpost which i can edit--unlike my papers.

  4. creating a framework for engagment: I would like to imagine a tangible and interactive output to the residency-- perhaps something like a framework for designing a short game / or a set of principles as a manifesto for non-hegemonic thinking.

  5. I would be glad in this area to work with other people on their ideas too as that makes projects much more well-rounded than bringing a single point of view or experience.

(At this point, I am still selecting text works to translate). + im always happy to engage with someone else or their work!

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