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In exploring aspects of time and sound, i recently found myself observing the indian railways platform as a performance in both music and physics. In what seems to be the most observable and visually rhythmic denominator or aggregator in real physical space.

Indian standard time and the lack of convergence of people to show up at a given moment in time has long been a stereotype i embodied and an aspiration of discipline also long rejected by most people. and while stereotypes are not useful per se they are a way to understand complicated stuff like philosophy and physics. neither of which i am very familiar with, but am fascinated by.

i realized recently also that the linear trajectory of the train tracks doesn't take away from the cyclic nature of time which is observable in many different ways as you sit on trains and platforms, watching varied speeds and tempos of people and goods as they move. looking out the window is life in what seems to be an unlooped gif. risk taking on train tracks, technology relics from across the ages -- and especially the noise of machine and announcements made a musical sanctuary in headphones a requirement.

this realm of music synchronized with the patterns of human behavior across time, mediated by physics and astounded by punctuated resistance to informational confinement (clocks being based on base 60 and yet retaining the circularity of life and time as depicted in indian sculptures like the nataraja) was suddenly revealing of the fact that time isn't and cannot be contained -- it just flows.


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