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ways of engaging with dense 2d texts

Updated: Jan 14

Things i have found as a way of exploring my works which might be fun or useful for someone else

  1. dall-e: somewhat creepy ai which translates input text into artworks. im not convinced, it seems a lazy google search. But i am open to being convinced about artificially generated art. currently still in disbelief and learning to love machines back.

  2. a website called where the user can input a text and it generates music based on simple sets of commands / choices.

  3. physically and literally annotating / editing to see what the little drawing edits and markups may reveal (so far they mostly reveal that I am a google document edit selection performer par excellence!). is useful as is my first true love

Some other time-related areas of inquiry and most probably writing but maybe some other artforms or works: indian standard time (IST) as form of personal resistance and the indian train system (a british colonial legacy) as a metaphor.

The image below is not really representative of reality, but I love it.

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