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Propagation and Detection

Enzo Cillo

"Propagation and Detection" is a work on visual and sound perception, born from the collaboration with the composer Renato Grieco. The work aims at investigating, by dissecting an image, the space of an immaterial point, to detect what is hidden in the invisible field, inside the mechanical device, within the propagation of the wave. The visible, the image of the Parthenon, represents exactly a point, the concrete limit of a distance, which is perceived by the human eye; a recognizable sign that is transformed into something else, the material is transformed into an imprint. The work stems from a reflection on the concept of image space, between horizontal and vertical, between inside and outside. The image given reflects exactly the detection of the mechanics of the device. It is about the vibration, the spectrum of the wavelengths; the perception of a structured image manifested in a shape. The eye follows the sharp movements, the projections of the device within the rectangle.

Stereophonic sound creation by Renato Grieco

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