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Eunsol Lee

Wait for the Trust

Kimberly Lee is the name of a bodiless character brought to life through 3D rendering. Using the character Kimberly Lee, Lee Eun-sol visualizes the idea of the existence of contemporary objects. It is essential to Kimberly's existence that her creator continues to create new landscapes and spaces to ensure Kimberly’s sustainability.
Kimberly’s world is a virtual environment based on Unity, a game engine. All of the scenes which have been created, have been posted serially onto instagram. Each scene’s manufactured result is dependent upon how the scene is built. For example, it could be built through traditional desktop-based games, or with a piece of VR content that led up to a piece within the narrative. Thus, the resulting form implies the possibility for any given variation adapting to the environment in which it is shown. However, that’s only possible if the 3D game engine program, Unity, maintains the current platform and constantly provides updates. Kimberly is always anxious, because it is almost impossible to do so, and one day it will require an exorbitant fee or the stoppage of game engine development in order for her to survive. Lee Eun-sol is preemptively working to create countermeasures.

Kimberly continues to move through various contexts and situations. It is also a celebratory march of starting anew; the separation from the body and the start of a new life. Yet despite this jubulitive feeling, she still must face a series of unexpected ups and downs, pressed upon the individual within the context of the capitalist landscape. This journey also shows the time lag between the human imagination and the reality of technological progress, as the aforementioned activities in Decentraland are considered the most defining scenes on the roadmap. They remind viewers of the encapsulation of a movie trailer format, while the actual project remains endless in real time. The plot goes hand in hand with the sense of time distortion among living individuals who experience a completely different speed of time, while simultaneously waiting endlessly for a future that has yet to come.

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