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Yiqing Chen

Occasion in a Snowstorm

What can you see in the boundless white? Can you be sure of what you hear in the whirring noise? Occasion In The Snowstorm is an experimental sonic game that employ games as method of sound production, to explore how to break through the barriers of analytical, linear information systems through indeterminacy within low-visibility diabetic environment and chance sound played by the player.

Contemporary information systems are based on Shannon's information theory and can be retroactive to co-development of probability theory, statistics, colonialism, capitalism, several centuries before. This linear relationship between receiver and sender as well as accurate and purpose-oriented communication alienate our habits of processing information into an analytical 'reading', in a dualistic, precise and purposeful way. Any uncertainty, unpredictability is filtered and discarded as noise. The project employs participatory game as method, aims to break through the barriers of analytical information system. Random sound triggered by unpredictable action from audience, action at present generate sound at present. The embodied movement in virtual space reconstruct relationship between repetitive game time and scalable space, creating a loop outside of reality. Walking without fatigue triggers continuous sound that never stops. The noise created by pseudo-randomness of computer simulation and uncertainty of game operation traps the player in the occasion of snowstorm.

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