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Moises Ramirez

Deterritorized synapse
an up-rootedness of being
or of becoming
The purgatory moment of impresence
of between embodiments
optimized for revival
a belonging to all times and epochs
in full distributed ubiquity

between the husks of becoming
the self is enclosed within a frame
it suddenly de-patriates from the nation
and enters the flow
of non-becoming, a static and frozen present

a symphonia of disturbance
what lies dormant
within the cognitive suitcase
that is your skull

what distal sentiment
possesses your behavior
to embody or to disembody
your allegiance with a soul-path

We will consume products, not process
We will have negative agency
We exist on the plane of stereo-ontology
Flaneur-Workers of the World,
Detach !
Disconnect from the platform
Become who you really were
The you before interfaces
and matrices of desire

[ 06 July 2022 ]
Of time and memory
The spastic
Of weddedness
To the artifice
Of futurity
I am the totem
Of a molecule
Of cat-back-scratches
And of
A disharmony
Of an endocrinological
I am the
Photographic mote,
The negative silhouette
Mirrored against other
Shadows and
Trash bags
By the canals

[ 09 July 2022]
Giving sight
The eyes Kieslwoski’s “Blue”
To gain and to lose sight
The refracted images of the mother
Losing // conflating
Interposing memories as
She ages,
Yet she can see the world
Through a screen
Can I borrow your cat?
Utility of the neighbor
An ecosystem
Of laughter
And flirtations
The saving of lives
Of re-living
Multiple lives
In other spaces
In a retributive distribution
Of time and space

An ecological suspect
My emissions are constantly
my C-O2
Hangs as an aura
Above my vertigo
“so does yours”
How to be anti-technical
In a technical society
Attachment to cellular networks,
Mobile devices -
A thirst for informatics
Spread distributive personas
‘Cross social mediums
I am a locust
Whose shell clings
To the wood wide web
Has clung for so long

A punctuated performance
Of light and dust
Of memory and unconsciousness
I can diffuse my hidden
Self through the slits of time
Refracted sunbeams
Illuminate my former selves
As monochromatic histories
A faded brown tint over everything
Of oxidized paper, black and beige

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