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Exhibition and Research Network

Programmers: Sepideh Majidi - David Roden - Maure Coise
Curated by: Sepideh Majidi
to Curator Maure Coise
Advisors: David Roden, Martin E. Rosenberg, Maure Coise, Anna Longo, Adam Berg, Reza Negarestani, Inigo Wilkins, Alexander Wilson, Mattin, Sepideh Majidi
Organized by Foreign Objekt, Posthuman Art Laboratory, Posthuman School
Gallery and Presentation Spaces:
VIRTUAL: New Art City, Foreign Objekt, Posthuman Art Network

The program includes:

-Foreign Objekt's Labs

-Working exhibition spaces to document and share work

-Weekly meetings/workshops with philosophers and scholars

-Being included in residency and other laboratories

-Opportunity to collaborate with other researchers

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