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Poetry/Experimental Writing


Marzanna Drowning

The Arrow of Nephthys is a diagram of time-production taught by the Occult Order of the Machinic Will (O∴O∴M∴W∴). It is constructed by the...

Principles of Demonology
(or reading and writing with outer bodies)


I: every demon can be called and negotiated with by it's name
II: the demon carries in great prize it's...

Liberty--Poem 1


Self referential,
Substrate anxiety,
Morphological entropy,

Longing for a body to call home...


Moises Ramirez

Deterritorized synapse
an up-rootedness of being
or of becoming
The purgatory moment of impresence...

Angel / Echoes

Divya Singh

Forget that you were ever dreaming, look into the eyes of the beast about to devour. You are now reborn...

Ritual of Rejoin, The Myth

Buket Yenidogan

I the first of my kind, I'm going to tell you about the last of your kind.
My words and visions will find you through the...

Bodies of Horror

Sona Srivastava

In this experimental writing piece (a pastiche; a mixing of forms), I will look into the politics of disgust, and Othering that occurs...

A Poetry

Goutam Manna

A time to derange this is,
A body to burn with reddish smoke,
A talk to cease with silence...

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