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Eunsol Lee

Kimberly Lee is the name of a bodiless character brought to life through 3D rendering. Using the character Kimberly Lee, Lee Eun-sol visualizes the idea of the existence of contemporary objects. It is essential to Kimberly's existence that her creator continues to create new landscapes and spaces to ensure Kimberly’s sustainability.

Wait for the Trust

Nathan Harper

Named for a line from the 2004 screamo band Underoath’s song, It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door, Drowning in My Sleep is a mixed reality animation created at the beginning of the pandemic.

Drowning in My Sleep

Arwina Afsharnejad and
Daria Kozlova

Specters of Jin started as a sonic exploration of revolutions' melodies and sprang from our interest in queer-feminist counter-analysis to...

Specters of Jin

Aliaskar Abarkas

This recording is from The Community Whistling Choir's 30-minute performance at the Barbican Centre's Curve Gallery, London, in February 2023.

The Community Whistling Choir

Daria Ivans and Polina Orlikova

P —February 24th: Russian strike against numbness, deafness, rejection to any form of a sound... stopped trying after a week... 2 long months of music absence...

Mobilization 01: What You Could Have Been

Frankie Zhang

The project attunes to and (re)imagines the possible memories and futures of the Mission to Seafarers in Port Philip Melbourne, incorporating image and sound generative AI.

Fleeting Dock

Yiqing Chen

What can you see in the boundless white?

Occasion in a Snowstorm

Tam Hare

This film was created for and used during the Abstract Child: Only Ever Close performance, by Tam Hare. The work was partly...

Abstract Child, Only Ever Close

Pedro Diaz

Both video and sound were created in 2020 on epidemic time.

Ruin Landscapes Gloria

Anastasiia Belousova and
Frederik Franke

As an artist duo based in Berlin, our current interest lies in the exploration of fictive dialogues between humans and environments, with a particular emphasis on the notion...

Radio Cow


A broken down petrol pump at first glance, it displays on its screen the swarming noise of a road transiting at 130km/h. By holding the gas pistol to your...

130 reves/heure

Daria Ivans and Polina Orlikova

D — I have no idea why I’m still staying here,, |seems like I’ve got no power left| but all my friends leaving and giving away their stuff, all these little ‘how are u ? — I’m crossing Kazakhstan’s border’, — it puts me into a mode of projection in Russia where I used to live after Feb 24th.

Mobilization 02: Roza Vetrov

Twee Whistler

In my video "1by1" I examine an abandoned shopping mall, a contemporary submerged version of the abandoned Atlantis, where people are seeking an alternative activity to leisure.



The featured film 'Eight Triptychs' is a 28-minute experimental film which serves as an exercise in the novel filmic genre known as 'corecore'.

8 triptychs

Babak Ahteshamipour

I Sometimes Cover my eyes (since I can’t control them in order to shut them) and dream the Occasions where We drop our Smiles (since I haven’t been getting that lately, it’s as if we’ve accepted believing fate, UFOs, time-travel and stuff) is an anti-materialist and anti-consumerist manifesto video.

An anti-materialist and anti-consumerist manifesto video

Abhirami Raj

This work features a projection of the moon as a character addressing to the audience directly.

Seen & Unseen

Hamed Heidari

The concept of affordances was introduced by the ecological psychologist J.J. Gibson. In His 1979 work The Ecological Approach to Visual Perception, Gibson introduces the concept of affordances as follows: "The affordances of the environment are what it offers the animal, what it provides or furnishes, either for good or ill."

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