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Clothesline saga

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Hanging shirts, towel, underwear on a clothes line in the corner of a room

An elephant eye, circuitry, stubbly feathers  A long,  single golden strand of hair.



red bicycle lock

still in its past.

it sees only its future

domino grid.   

uninteresting and monstrous

puzzlingly inviting were it not for a near total  lack of anything that draws attention.

As if light would emit from it but this can’t be sensed— yet.

Cross hatch gray

  variations in charcoal .

wrapped in a package


vulgar nature

To fear it like a jinxing, instead of a murderous, Medusa.

the spell can only be evaded by opening a second eye

but our eye is sewn closed tight () purgatory


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