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From Möbius to S.O.I.

The Möbius Piece

Following the discussion on Lacanian topology I chose to work with the Möbius ribbon shape for its ability to present us something that looks dialectical / with 2 sides but actually has one surface.

I recorded a piece of music titled "Deep Ocean" produced through a generative patch on a modular synthesizer. The texture is repetitive and evolutive but also disruptive, conveying the continuity and also the twist in the shape.

Looking at the Möbius ribbon rotating in this environment feels both conforting and upsetting as it is so close to the familiar circle but still foreign.

The Ocean is a space where everything is connected by water, waves being carried all around earth. The sounds produced by the synthesizer are reminiscent of those produced by whales, marine mamals and marine animals, or beacons, ships and machinery imposed by humanity on this space, preventing its inhabitant from communicating or functioning properly.

Introducing S.O.I.

S.O.I. stands for Sensory Overload Interface.

The S.O.I. is an interface composed of a latex covered MIDI controller linked to a computer software.

The MIDI controller is made from layered velostat based pressure sensors that allow for a unique multitouch experience. The latex gives it a skin-like feel and look.

The current version of the software is running in Mirror Stage mode.

The output image is generated by modifying in real-time the input image from the camera pointed at the user. Different parameters are tweaked according to the data received by the sensors of the controller.

The ouptut sound is also produced through the interface in real-time either by manipulating oscillators or samples.

Rubbing and malaxing the latex skin, looking at the screen displaying a bent image of themself, bathing in the intense wave of sound, the user can experience some type of sensory overload and disintegration akind to altered states.

Being totally interactive, the experience is intimately linked with the users behavior toward the interface, from the most subtle of touch to the most agressive pounding.

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