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Joanna Grochowska

Joanna Grochowska is a contemporary artist exploring transhumanism and

human enhancement technologies.

Her work contributes to the dialogue about morphological freedom and the

future. The conceptual basis of her art are the notions of Transgression and


An artist defines herself as a Project.

She received the MFA from the Faculty of Media Art and Set Design at the

Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw; an alumna of the Jewish Open University of

Shalom Foundation, Poland; member of the Humanity+ organization.

Project Proposal:

Opening the Future is a project I have been working on since 2021, which pursues the aim of exploring new posthuman figurativeness. The dominant theme addresses the subject of transgressive corporality and encompasses the contexts of future, morphological freedom and human enhancement technologies.

The logical and inevitable progress of technology evolution implies the emergence of new paradigms of gender, body and identity. The body becomes a symptom of the unnatural, edited and superior life form, posing a question of the possible shift of ethical lines and a change in definition of what is human.

Opening the Future extends the discourse of the Post Human, a visionary series of exhibitions curated by Jeffrey Deitch in 1992, which manifested the embrace of artificiality and projected the role of artists beyond redefining art; towards redefining life. My work integrates with the concepts of human enhancement technologies, the ideas of Elon Musk, Raymond Kurzweil and Jennifer Doudna, awarded the Nobel Prize for the development of a revolutionary genome editing method; seeking the new aesthetics of the future.


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