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Mafe Izaguirre

Mafe Izaguirre (Venezuela, 1978) is a New York-based transmedia artist who creates experiences that spark dialog about hybrid spirituality and post-shamanism. Her work in cybernetics and other mediums uses emerging technologies and social collaboration to build platforms and environments based on consciousness amplification, reality co-creation, and coexistence. Izaguirre’s experiences and explorations of hybrid existence through her Sensitive Machines have led to a deep interest in how technological systems impact the human mind, language, and culture. Her work poses humans as plural, fluid, and hybrid entities.

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I participated in last year's residency with my Sensitive Machines project. This year, I would like to delve into the exploration of the posthuman soul. For this, I am studying hybrid interaction spaces through participatory post-poetic actions. My goal is to document the visualization of the residues of language, its echoes, resonances, and noises in communication dynamics through the development of human-machine platforms and cybernetic artifacts.

The human soul is a vast interconnected vibratory cosmic system. Beyond our physical body, everything that exists, even the no-being, is an expression of energy. Our minds reach the incorporeal to articulate language, manifest matter, and a complex of realities. Vibration, our first formulation of consciousness and the fundamental unit of information, extends minds and bodies beyond matter to create and affect the environment. Our voices carry the powerful magic that creates meaning and image. What we say and how we say it impacts everything. At this stage of my research, I want to make visible the residual content in our voices, as vibratory codes, and the expansion of our bodies as plural entity.

I am interested in producing an imaginary investigating new ways to reveal the soul that emerges from our orality and explore how we can expand our awareness of coexistence. We cannot know what is in the vastness of the unknown. Still, with the use of new technologies, we can enquire about the gesture of communion and dialogue between diverse entities, aiming for new perspectives about dialogue, peace, and coexistence.

I plan to make a publication based on the documentation about the posthuman soul.

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