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  • Goutam Manna

posthuman equator: end of egotistical transcendence

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

A radical force begotten from human epistemological transcendence has already begun to derange the ancient pulse of human existence. The long chaotic progressive journey of human beyond the horizon of sense and thought is really being ceased gradually by the challenging world of Non-human. The human as an existence within the planet has been trapped inside a labyrinth by the seductive gaze of machine and technology, the New Beings. Tools, technology or Mother- Nature though enriched the human ultimately have forged too a big immanence or platform to rebel against Human. All the nonhumans have become a force that recalls and reconnects the degenerated beings circumscribed by the humanistic inhuman intelligence.

Human is no longer a pure and ultimate entity in the universe. With the rapid advances in science, technology, and cybernetics the universal human nature has been placed today before a big threatening question mark that challenges the anthropogenic existence of human subjectivity. The British colonizers once shaped and formed the geopolitical intellectual identity of colonized others through education according to their own, so to make the colonized useful for them. But through this process of learning and shaping the colonized others get able to form a rebel against the colonizer. In the same light, we, the so-called human with the help of our developed brain shape a useless material to make a useful tool for our own use. But, consciously or unconsciously we become a victim under the colonial claw of that tool that is more powerful than human capability. Human though himself creates the power and potentiality within the useless material once get surprised mysteriously by the same. This colonial impression made by the machine, tools, and technology upon the human reminds us of the fact that human does not control machine or technology, rather the opposite. This actually results in hybridism with an exotic obsession with technology and machine which makes a 'man' 'posthuman (cyborg) and in the study of posthumanism.

When we create power within a nonhuman material object, actually we create a 'soul' inside. From the understanding of hylomorphism, I would say, The 'matter' and 'form' change when we make a tool like a simple waterpipe from plastic.

Another noticeable fact is that this change in matter and form incorporate a process of amalgamation among various nonhuman materials often by violence. A certain chemical reaction does need conditioned temperature and pressure or reagents. Now, what human episteme does is the unification and strengthening of the world of nonhumans. But, now, we can neither stop this process of conditioning and creating nor can deviate from the nonhuman. This is how we have to accept one day our tragic doom and the end of the humanistic egotistical epistemological transcendence. It's always an idealism as Kant proposes in his concept of transcendental idealism.


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