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radio cow - Anastasiia Belousova and Frederik Franke

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

As an artist duo based in Berlin, our current interest lies in the exploration of fictive dialogues between humans and environments, with a particular emphasis on the notion of landscape. Our work seeks critical reflection and response to the substantial changes taking place on our planet and their implications for humanity. It aims to investigate the sonic connections between humanity and nature. Our creative process involves field recording and the use of various musical instruments to capture and interpret soundscapes existing at the intersection of the nonhuman and human worlds. This project offers us an opportunity to explore, discover and deepen our understanding of the relationship between humans and nonhuman environments. The concept of dialogue, both as a form and a concept, intrigues us. We are convinced that exploring this theme in the context of nature can provide new insights into the ways in which we relate to our environment and each other. Our early research and experimentation were conducted in the south of the Netherlands where we had the chance to explore the sounds of the local landscape. However, we are enthusiastic about expanding our project to other environments and contexts and continuing our investigation of the sonic connections between humans and landscapes.


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