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Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Archive of sexual experiences

The Sexinsitu project takes the form of an archive, specific as it collects data and materials that it produces itself, according to an elaborated method. The basic units are video recordings. They are based on the method of work with the body, in which the participants, through body movements, recall their own sexual memories. They do this alone – without partners. The choreographies created in this way become a prosthesis of this memory, an attempt to materialize intimate and ephemeral sexual events in the image.This is therefore not an archive in the classical sense of the word, but rather a visual archive project that produces its own technology as a basis for creating a visuality of sexuality based on experience. Its task is to change not only the perspective of looking at sexuality, but to enable insight into this space for ourselves, to tame and express it.The virtual dimension of memory combines the tradition of performance with the subject matter of new media. The increasing participation of media in the production of our contemporary identities adds another element to this relationship – empathy through embodiment. The dual logic of remediation states that the primary goal of our culture is to become as technologically mediated as possible while removing all traces of our functioning through media. The importance of technology in the construction of our self is realized and fulfilled without our awareness of these processes. This recognition seems to be crucial in thinking about the body, its experiences and affects, including sexuality. As our primary medium, it has become the encyclopedic product of this double logic – the difference between the medialized image of the body and its experience in non-virtual life is as obvious to us as it is inescapable.In the image, we see only a piece of what opens up psychologically, socially, and interpersonally. We produce an image, this single, unique reproduction of a sexual memory which, in contrast to the simplicity with which we are used to associating the „sexual”, is illegible, unacceptable as a fetish. Too abstract on the one hand and too raw on the other. Naked and veiled, explicite and understated. Censored virtually and „innocent” in the situation of direct contact. It is a separate form of recording, something between a note, a sketch and a finished, monumental work. Reconstruction creates and opens up an entire universe, yet its documentation merely records this fact, marking the difference between image and life.In this dimension, the single act of reconstruction is also a manifesto. A reflection on corporeality, a corporeal trace, noting that I notice the body and sexuality as an element that connects me to the social world. I am on the side of action, search, weakness, experiment, the unknown, the You-oriented world.By presenting a fragment of my own sexual self, I fight for the possibility of a subjective presentation of sexuality, and thus for the empowerment and emancipation of all of us as sexual, sentient beings.


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