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Transitions of Transmissions

Updated: May 30, 2023

Is it possible to imagine other narratives of living? Can we imagine other ways of living among different species? In nature there are no autonomous organisms, we are all existing in various interconnected ecosystems. We make up different networks of mutual connections, collaborations, mutations and space-time exchanges as companions and in between species. From those exchanges, each is, by its very nature as a body, continuously affecting and being affected by other bodies as Spinoza said.

Would it be possible then to stress and show up these interferences in sound as well as visuals? What is about listening to the Reishi mushrooms' bioelectrical signals and letting their sound affect the bio-electrical signals from the human brain? Some research showed that electrical impulses sent by mycological organisms could be similar to human language. The electrical signals bear a striking structural similarity to human speech. Maybe we can even share a conversation with them? Credits- Stefan Maier & Joëlle Pidoux


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