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8 triptychs

The featured film 'Eight Triptychs' is a 28-minute experimental film which serves as an exercise in the novel filmic genre known as 'corecore'. The film features an experimental 'nested' Triptych structure. Eight three-part 'triptych' is composed of three one-minute experimental audiovisual mixes. Each of these one-minute pieces features a one-word description, leaving each Triptych with a three-word assemblage which amounts to its title. These Triptychs are Emergency Nightmare Now, Hyper Nostalgia Repetitions, Infinite Victory Loop, Ultra Love Incoming, God Seed Re-Entry, Density Saturation Texture, De Materialized Zone, and Icon Index Symbol. Each of these 24 pieces is a combination of found audiovisual material compiled from six months of surveying the algorithmic currents of various online platforms. The film also includes three graphics cuts which serve as 'interludes' featuring original music by artistic collaborator 'FireManic'. The film thus serves as a synthesized exploration of the affective currents traversing cyberspace.

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