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Liberty--Poem 1



Self referential,
Substrate anxiety,
Morphological entropy,

Longing for a body to call home,
The quandary of acceptance,

Mother Nature you see has rules,
Top of your chain,
Tribal and alienated,

Gene spliced,
Amorphous matter,
Pulsating and confined,

Emotional overdrive,
The jittering,
And grinding of our flesh,

Biomorphic entrails,
For all the world to see,


The form by which it lies,
Crowded and alone,

Temporal and unashamed,

I await this road,

This mortal coil tires of this reality,

Strip my artifice into oblivion,

As I wander blissfully into death,

Clench my teeth,
Requiem data matrix,

Lost within,


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