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Angel / Echoes

Divya Singh

Forget that you were ever dreaming, look into the eyes of the beast about to devour. You are now reborn. Amor fati, amor mundi, I saw the children who begged for scraps, I saw the Sun in their eyes and their teeth - Torn into a smile. I saw the sun in their eyes amor fati amor mundi I fell through the eyes of those children like I fell through the ice into a lake somewhere in this world in a past life black plasma viscous blood velvet hair prickly tongue tender, tender, tender bones flowers that bloom only under moonlight, a serpent once told me of the ancients and coiled around my body crushing my bones till my eyes rolled back and the sound of the waves crashing in reverse disappeared into the white noise which blinds my ears and the soles of my feet and the back of my teeth - things you call molars. This body this flesh and blood have washed over washed away sung back onto the bones Ad lucem, audi, vice, tace further, further onwards out, we were who were, we who were nothing have fallen to bits, have fallen out and yet undestroyed - resurrected from the bone, drinking from the tear of a mother, death, she tells me my time to run through lush earth is now, until I return again, all ribs and teeth and cheekbones and thirst to the hollowness of these eyes and hide the dirt beneath the trees underneath the pale cracking skin of the sky Ad lucem astra, astra astra! Vile as I am or have been I bend backwards into the backwaters of a tropical hell - submerge these invisible wings dip, drip, drip blood, dripping, dipping, walking out spreading out into the backwaters of the backward mind not yet initiated still very blind making rings out of cataract eyes, gleaming through the smoke I saw the dagger dripping water under pale blue moonlight while the feet blinded by mud wet with rain and toads and fish and sex fall through the eyes of a darkened smile run amok, leaving the head far far far behind and slip down through the bushes, stones and thorns into the mouth of the goddess.

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