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An ode to the exit sign

Updated: Apr 25

This project explores the intersections of game theory and the interpersonal.

local fishModel = workspace:WaitForChild("FishModel") -- Replace with your model's name
local followDistance = 9 -- Distance behind the player where the fish will follow
local verticalOffset = 3 -- Vertical offset from the player
local speed = 2000 -- The speed at which the fish approaches the target position
local dampening = 100 -- Dampening effect to smooth the movement
-- Function to make the fish follow the player
local function followPlayer(player)
	local humanoidRootPart = player.Character and player.Character:FindFirstChild("HumanoidRootPart")
	if not humanoidRootPart then return end
	-- Create the BodyPosition and BodyGyro objects
	local bodyPosition ="BodyPosition", fishModel.PrimaryPart)
	bodyPosition.MaxForce =, 400000, 400000) -- This needs to be high enough to move the fish
	bodyPosition.P = speed
	bodyPosition.D = dampening
	local bodyGyro ="BodyGyro", fishModel.PrimaryPart)
	bodyGyro.MaxTorque =, 400000, 400000) -- This needs to be high enough to keep the fish upright
	bodyGyro.P = 20000
	while humanoidRootPart and fishModel.PrimaryPart do
		local targetPosition = humanoidRootPart.Position - humanoidRootPart.CFrame.lookVector * followDistance
		targetPosition =, targetPosition.Y + verticalOffset, targetPosition.Z)
		-- Update the BodyPosition and BodyGyro
		bodyPosition.Position = targetPosition
		bodyGyro.CFrame =, humanoidRootPart.Position)
		-- Wait for the next heartbeat to update again
-- Connect the function to player added event
		repeat wait() until character:FindFirstChild("HumanoidRootPart")

Gold fishes clone and duplicate around her, follow her, and sometimes they clone too much. When this happens, she flies into the starry sky, stuck hanging there. But sometimes, they enclose her in a hug, leading to a red 70% opacity sign filling the screen and reads, “THE END, GOOD WORK AND LOVE HARD!” which kills the avatar and puts her back to the beginning of the game again.


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