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Boryeon Choi

Boryeon Choi is an artist based in Seoul. she earned her BA in Painting at Hongik University and MFA in Media art at the Yonsei graduate school of communication & arts. She works with interactive media, sound, and diagrams. Starting from the question 'How can we speak about the unspeakable?', she’s hoping to approach the newly updated question of mind-body dualism such as 'can the human mind be uploaded?', or the other minds problem, from a reconciliation point that is neither entirely speculative nor materialistic.

Project Proposal:

My concern in the theory of testimony dates back to the epistemological challenges posed by the feminist reboot that hit South Korea around mid-2010, and the #MeToo revelation that has been accompanied. It has to do with the question of what risk we must take to believe in someone's word in a non-reductionist way. How can we believe the unbelievable? What about these testimonies taken to be true without 'fact-checking'(in a possible world that it might have been possible), weakening our common pasts(or say 'history') fuzzy? Above all, how does our belief system work?

These things above might have more to do with questioning the agency of the 'rational listener', rather than doubting those who speak. As a result, I got interested in the testimony of people who insist on themselves as victims of 'electro weapons', or 'mind-control'. Maybe the figuration of things we have never witnessed(i.e. things that were testified, ghosts, or revolutions) might be triggered by an act of, so to speak, indiscriminately visualizing radio waves that are not audible to the human ear.

Many people dismiss the claims made by TI (Targeted Individuals) as falsehoods, but reversely, we could try to imagine their sonic experience. For this, it was necessary to deliberately overfit the 'false positive', that is, mistakenly adopt something as evidence. ‘Sonic Inference to the Best Explanation’, or SIBE in short, is a more in-depth study of this. ‘SIBE’ is an attempt to elucidate the coexistence of seemingly incompatible beliefs, starting from an interest in 'listening otherly' and systematic irrationality. The above materials are being integrated into my current progressive project titled <Fuzzy History, Specious Present>, which will probably result in a form of a book.


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