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Updated: May 29, 2023

The sound of broken objects, create a space for emotions to move outside of our body. The act of making the sounds implies a type of action that is impulsive, irrational, uncontrolled and therefore different each time. Sound are related to our inner moving and represent a catharsis of the though of the body and are a symbol of memory loss , or even better, the cancellation of a memory.

I would like to investigate the animistic perception on objects through experimental sound and performance. The sound making has to be apparently irrational but can provide later the incipit for movement or talk. The relationship with the object and the action made with that object leads to a liberation because the performer(s) become that object and can therefore do what they desire for themselves with it. My research will revolve around building an extraneous body language and a spoken language with the sound of those objects. The objects represent adult desires of success or desires of destruction, fantasies that become part of us, through movement and language.


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