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Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Dear Physarum

Through this I would like to leave in writing the transition from idea to sound in my project with you.

One insists on generating that kind of collaboration with beings more than humans and we forget to check from time to time if we are doing what we wanted to do at the beginning.

It doesn't work to awaken the population of slime molds.

It is already the second time.

This time, one of the Petri dishes is contaminated with some fungus.

Luckily, I ordered several units of sclerotium.

I guess I'm not doing the agar agar mix very well, shall we say.

Thinking of an alternative to continue advancing in the project, it occurred to me to opt for a simulation of slime molds on the internet. Or, the random generative path.

Although there is always the project of me continuing to work with plants. This somehow turns out to be a bit more consistent and reliable.

I think that's what I'll do.

I went outside to do the plant thing and a nettle bit me badly.

The physarum responds: feed me nutritively.


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