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Divya Singh

Divya Singh – b. 1995 - is a visual artist, from New Delhi, India. Her practice is primarily rooted in painting and explores themes such as isolation, experience, memory and mortality – emanating largely from a poetic engagement with Time. Mediums such as photography, writing, cinema, and painting are at the center of her language as a practitioner and have featured as important categories of both work and interest. These varied elements come together within the work and can be seen most distinctly in the artist books made by her, as well as in found imagery that accompanies the paintings and other media during exhibitions. She is a recipient of the Space118 Fine Art Grant (2021) and is currently working with instant film/polaroid, paintings, video, and text.



Terminarch “noun. The last known individual of a lineage, species, or subspecies… Once the terminarch dies, the species or lineage becomes extinct. Alternative names put forth for the last individual of its kind include ender or endling.” * Within this project I would like to create a set of videos and paintings that are geared towards exploring elements within our collective existential challenges and uncertain futures that look through a lens which is poetic, philosophical and spiritual in nature. Ruminating over and looking at various dimensions of the impact of human existence, not just upon our own psyches but that of the collectivity of the planet itself. * I propose to create an axiom of this same project in the form of an artist book, which would include text, research, found images, screenshots, interviews and conversations around our present and possible futures continuing within the vein of poetics and philosophy.


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