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Federico Nieto

Certificate student and researcher under the Critical Philosophy program at The New Centre For Research & Practice and MA in Philosophy from the National University of Colombia. His current research is focused on novel epistemological approximations to political organization and subjectivity under the influx of contemporary analytical philosophy, complexity theory and structural Marxism



My research proposal for Foreign Objekt would like to explore and have as its starting point a critique of the concept of indexicality (Millikan, 1984; Capllen & Dever, 2013; Bensusan, 2021), as a way to articulate that which can be broadly considered as non-human and to also re-consider the primacy of human subjectivity as a given that must be strategically dismantled as a first step so that the articulation of the non-human can take place. The concept of indexicality has been used in analytic philosophy as to attribute and verify beliefs within the domain of a psychological ‘I’, in what philospher David Lewis has called a “self-locating attitude” (Lewis, 1974). Following this idea, Millikan has shown that the self-enclosment or essential status of indexicality needs to be redrawn as necessary given that widens up toward processes external to our inner mental tokens (Millikan, 1984), and with this critique in mind, I would like to propose a fertile cross-pollination between the idea of indexicality and the idea of the human as an ideological construct that needs to be subtracted (Badiou, 1998) by using conceptual displacements in the form of inhuman dialectics, which would have for its template Althusserian anti-humanism, Negarestani’s inhumanist rationalism, Land’s and Fisher’s flatlining and the Marxist use of real abstraction through the lens of Sellarsianism (Caron, 2021). The importance of this conceptual cross-pollination will be presented from the standpoint of an explicit political project that points inevitably toward the decentering of the human within an urgent normative framework that takes into view non-human undercurrents such as: time, inorganic life-forms and cognitions and upcoming ecological disasters. Lastly, these non-human undercurrents will be considered of crucial importance as factors of design that must be integrated in the future of political mobilization and logistics that automatically antagonize the safely-guarded walls that compose the vigorous hegemony of western human politics (sovereignty, border politics and neo-colonialism) which fend off or complacently minimize the threat of the non-human (the status of inhuman anointed to non-western subjects and the exploitation and devastation of current organic life-forms).

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