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nesX-tant, Yvonne Jones

Project X-tant, within posthuman terrains

Extant (Xtant) means currently existing, still in existence, surviving, not lost or destroyed, having existence or life, alive. X represents an unknown quantity or variable, a person or thing unknown. Many of my works begin with X having understood that my journey positions me as subject, developing with the experience and acquisition of new understanding and knowledge. X-tant is an emerging posthuman (feminist) subject travelling, floating, and being tossed across the ocean world within Posthuman Terrains. Emersed in this world it transforms in colour, shape, and orientations it meets others, casting its refection onto the surrounding area and material it meets. Sometimes finding itself in a busy region with many new being and materials, while at other times, a simple gliding past, and sometimes even alone. A new world environment of effected bodies emerges, with developing relationships.

Intrigued by the experience within the ocean world X-tant ventures further afield, the Fire world alters its material components, burning away at the overall shape, changing appearance, reducing it to a set of frames as the canvas is destroyed. The fire spits it out as it involuntarily enters the world of air.

Within this world is feels free, moving along with the breezes, passing shapes and objects on its travels. Like a spider's web it collects new material as it travels. A much altered, emerged, posthuman subject. With all the interactions and acceptances each of the other, there is no longer a need to be a feminist, all are treated with respect and acceptance.


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