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Nico Espinoza

Nico Espinoza (Curicó, Chile, 1986) is a composer and transdisciplinary artist currently based in Lisbon. His work explores relations between different scales of reality through the invention of self-organized systems.

His music compositions, performances and installations have been exhibited in Latin America and Europe.

He also works as a sound designer, interactive experience designer and curator (in the context of new media) for European and Brazilian creative studios and institutions.

He holds an M.A. in Sound Studies and Sonic Arts from the University of the Arts Berlin (UdK Berlin) and an M.Sc. in Electronics from the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (Valparaíso, Chile).

Project Proposal:

Machine’s Ecologies is an ongoing artistic research that problematizes the dominant technological perspective based on mechanical reproductivity and replacement.

It proposes to re-think technology from a sonic sensibility shaped by a multiplicity of intertwined sonic practices, searching through diverse realms and scales an articulation of locality.

It is a research that, from a sonic sensibility, delves into questions such as, How does an ecology of machines sound? Or in more detail, How local experiences inform the technical relations we could establish with machines once we recognize those agencies as something beyond the externalization of human thought? Are we able to make a sound from such relations and are we able to know such relations by listening?

The unfolding of this research had led my interest to the concept of time, and in the context of the Foreign Objekt Residents Program, I would like to inform the creative process of a compositional system, and possibly a sound installation, by Reza Negarestani’s ideas on time and Anna Longo’s writings on probability, as a response to their ideas on inference. In practical terms this renders a conceptual justification to include the computer as a new self-organizing structure-operation, and experiment different algorithms that might embody my cognitive responses to Longo and Negarestani projects.


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