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Odioica 2.0 : Speculative design of a posthuman. A Reflection on Agency & Artificial Intelligence


In this project i gonna explore and reflect on Agency-AI relation focused on a review of the agency notion from philosophy, cognitive sciences and Artificial Intelligence. On the notion of Agency as the autonomy of the subject to make its own decisions.

We have two different views : agents as actors (the originators of purposeful de-

liberate action); and agents as intentional systems (systems to which we attribute

mental states such as beliefs and desires*

From this perspective the AI subject enhancement could seen as a part of that structure that limits, molds, the capacities of a subject to take decision

In the field of sociology, agency is the ability of an agent to act in the world. In philosophy, agency is considered to belong to an agent even if that agent represents a fictional character or some other non-existent entity. In that sense, in the field of spaculative design (which is what we will talk about here) it seems pertinent to address the notion of agency from the field of philosophy.

Then im Speculating that this organism called Odioica owns a "sense of agency" even knowing that this organism/subject have been modified by genetic engineering and enhanced by AI. Then i raise the question: AI programing is operating, limiting and molding over decisions

of the subject. Is this trans-human organism owner of a sence of agency, and hence capable to take its own decisions without been influenced, molding or structured by AI programing?

Sence of agency:
the subjective experience that agents have of their own actions and their consequences *

... the sense of agency is traditionally defined as the experience of controlling one’s actions, and, through them, events in the external world ... A functional sense of agency allows individuals to distinguish events that they have caused from those for which they are not responsible, but which, for example, were caused by chance of by other agents” *


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