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Onty Presents a Short Film: AIONIZATION

The following is a 36-minute experimental short film entitled 'AIONIZATION' which aims to explore the structure of historical process from a non-human lens. The film is a Triptych, being divided into three sections. The first section, 'Anomalocaris' - named after Earth's first predator- serves as an overture, while the third and final section, 'Anticline' -a geological formation of the earth folding, or yielding- serves as a closing segment.

Both these sections focus on nonhuman processes and flows - erosions, earthquakes, formations of nebulas, eruptions. While Anomalocaris imagines, through a collage of found internet footage, the transition of matter into biological systems and finally the emergence of the symbolic -and thus, the historical- the latter 'Anticline' touches on themes of collapse, of the decay of the constructed into undifferentiated material flows. Between these opposed nonhuman 'subhistorical' processes lies the main section of the film, 'Aionization' - a riff of Carl Jung's use of the term 'Aion'- focuses on the process of human history. This section includes archival audio and video elements from twelve decades, 1880-2020 - one hundred and twenty years of audiovisual recording. While the video footage proceeds chronologically, the audio proceeds counter-chronologically (1880-2020, 1890-2010, 1900-2000, etc). Thus at every frame, a sort of juxtaposition is present that captures the inner and outer limits of the historical process simultaneously as structure, rather than as linear progression.


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