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Updated: May 5, 2022

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An investigation into the conditions of possibility, not to explain how our reality can change, but how a process 1 can reach change from the human's substrate to Posthuman Terrains. We are moving from our static models which are determined by the totality2 of the global structure --looking toward new types of models of Posthuman Terrains with the streams of perturbations 3

1-here I am using functions and tendencies to talk about the system, to be able to use the dynamicity of the functions to create transformation in the deeper levels of the system. Functions are also materially constrained by how mechanisms and processes are organizing functions at the material substrate.

2-The structures that are not capitalistic by nature; in fact, totality is an antiquated metaphysical idea. From the totality of the monstrous global construct, comes the rigid correlations between the functions of capitalism and its structural base–. Not by the state of things as a state of things that previously was not--- the intermediate and immediate states--But by the streams of states itself--Mediation of immediate states--Dialectic of Local and Global

3-Difference in itself


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