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PRIMOMIT (she/her) This is a primal sound (containing all the audible frequencies in the ocean) of a living organism linked to a molecular structure of mitocondrial DNA( DNAmt female linage) that in isolated conditions does not undergo changes. But Through Time and Space it develops according to the conditions of the environment in which it exists and its interaction with other organisms, generating various sounds and forms linked to this molecular change. The molecular structure, linked to a certain algorithm and mathematical model of change, will cause the sounds and shapes of this organism to change. This primogenial DNAmt encodes a protein that promotes the growth of the organism in long days and high environmental temperatures and its interaction with other organism factors. The organism adapts its development and morphology to the environmental conditions that surround it, fundamentally, the length of the day and the ambient temperature. Other factors that affect it are also existential, such as its interaction and relationship with other organisms. With these variables, a mathematical model of change is recreated, linked to an algorithm that will generate the sounds, frequencies and noises produced by this organism.

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my Short BIO

Im aTransdisciplinary, and Multimedia Designer/Artist in the field of the speculative. She is a Ph.D. candidate in Social Sciences in Communication and Politics and has a master's degree in Sciences and Art for Design (U.A.M.X). Magenta works whit digital, analog, and biological media, and reflects in her work on the unconscious, the irrational, and the future from an approach of critical thinking and philosophical Posthuman theory. Magenta has completed Certificate Programs from CNART in electronic arts and fashion and technology from the Border cultural center, among others. She works in the field of transdiscipline. She has been an academic researcher at the UAM with an interest in Design inspired by biological systems and the bioproduction of materials. She has taught various Laboratories and workshops related to art, design and programming, such as digital interface design, interactive systems and web pages, digital animation, programming and web design, hypertext, film making, Information Architecture , among others. Magenta was co-coordinator of the Wearables Design terminal project in UAM. Her line of work ranges from Digital Animation, Programming , creative code (visualization of biological processes), Live coding / Cinema and Sound Art , to analog electronic art, noise art, made with open source software and hardware from the philosophy of DIY, and Bioart. She has participated in various art and design shows.


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