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Revisions: An enactment

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Armed with a pen, the editor sat staring at the opaque wall, comprised of the seemingly illegitimate children of blocks of academic jargon and intermingled artistic idealism.

"Unreadable!? Best used as a shading device if printed. Just so abstract and theoretical."

"That's not true..."

"Who said that?"

"It's me. Your paper. You don't seem to believe in these ideas."

"You're speaking?! What..."

"Yes. I need significant reorganising and revising. It isn't half bad. I was stuck in a moment in time, and need to free myself from the static, which renders me out of date. Also, by providing examples from real life, I can begin to overcome the often fraught divide that exists between theory and practice."

"Can't I just paint on you? Can't you just be a drawing. Or maps."

"Art is subjective. You need to understand and define what you mean by aesthetics and why it matters so as to reorient your paper with examples from the East. Maybe that can be a map to begin with. Read John Dewey and get back to me about how your ideas work together."

"Ok. I also found a paper by someone I once worked with in Moscow-- a fantastic review of the reliance on words in academia. That might help."



To be continued.


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