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Sutirtho Roy

Updated: Mar 29

Sutirtho Roy: I am an Early Career Scholar who has co-authored an anthology of poetry and written a novel that has garnered positive reviews from Inkitt and Webnovel. In my free time, I do figure photography and webcomic designing on my Instagram page, which I have slowly started integrating with my research areas. I have served as a panelist at international workshops pertaining to post-humanism, and my papers have been selected for publication in journals like Routledge, Cambridge, BRILL, Springer, and Lexington Books. Through my research, I aim to recognize the various potentials of storytelling and linguistic frameworks to advocate for non-human animal welfare, along with social upliftment and environmental conservation. As such, my primary research area centers on post-human/ post-anthropocentric ways of depicting non-humans, or critiquing the anthropocentric ways of their depictions through the analysis of different media and theoretical paradigms.

Website and Links:

The Creator in the Creation: Fractured Selves in a Liminal Space, Seen Through a Meta-textual Lens of World-building


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