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Sutirtho Roy

Updated: May 23

Sutirtho Roy, pursuing a Master of Arts degree in English Language and Literature at The University of Calcutta, has earned his BA with a First Class from the same institution, while ranking first in his college. He has co-authored an anthology of poetry, and written a novel which has garnered positive reviews from Inkitt and Webnovel. Furthermore, he had won gold and silver medals at Olympiads, secured the third rank in a state-wide essay contest regarding the ills of drug abuse and bagged a prize at a quiz contest organized by Oxford. He has served as panellist at international workshops pertaining to post-humanism, and his papers have been selected for presentation at Brit Grad 2021 and NEPCA 2021 and publication in various international journals. When not invested in canonical studies, he likes to analyse popular culture, and hopes to undertake future research in critical animal studies and post-humanism. He currently freelances at several content writing firms, and also has an internationally well-renowned toy photography page on Instagram:

The Creator in the Creation: Fractured Selves in a Liminal Space, Seen Through a Meta-textual Lens of World-building

Characters of a Liminal Space: Story-telling through Figure Photography

Toys - A Marker of the Anthropocene?


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