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Yuqiang Chen

Yuqiang (he/him) is a visual artist, His work includes illustration, installation, and moving images. He finished his BA study in Bio-engineering, but later, he switched his focus, to pursue a career as a visual artist, because he realizes that living and creating consciously through making artwork may be more valuable to him and his surroundings than advancing technology, he believes that beings will reincarnate in an endless process. He is currently earning his master's degree at the Royal College of Art.

Project Proposal:

Life can often give more entropy in exchange for the surrounding, resulting in changes in the environment, achieving a combination with the environment and other living bodies in an organic way. At the same time, environmental changes also determine life's form. The trilobite fossils rising above Mount Everest and the emergence of megalithic civilizations record these endless changes and allow us to glimpse a certain combination of these lives and nature. As Homo sapiens, sensing and recording these changes may be an important opportunity for us to survive and develop for a long time. I'm interested in researching how humans coexist with nature within various circumstances. Human requirements define the environment, or the concept of an environment constructed by humans distinguishes itself from its surroundings. These connections and relationships shift as societies change-tanks and warships covered in flora and fungi, human corpses inhabited by animals, and factories transformed into art museums. In the post-pandemic age, we have witnessed numerous biologically-mediated environmental changes, and many previously extinct species have reappeared. They have returned to their former homes and infused them with new significance. And being part of living Creatures, perhaps the only constant is our ability to adapt to changing conditions, along with that of plants and animals. This continual ebb and flow between the organic and inorganic enable affairs to reincarnate and shine regardless of historical chronology.

My academic background in biology enables me to conceptualize and comprehend my work this way, and I hope to interpret the relationship between life and the environment from this perspective. Inconsistencies and errors propel us forward and continuously shape our identity. The population of the globe has reached a plateau, and environmental challenges will undoubtedly become the topic of discussion and continue to pose new and novel threats to human civilization. Is it feasible to specify what is effective? Or acknowledging the unity between humans and the environment is essential for sustainable development. How do we deal with emerging health and environmental challenges? How do we live symbiotically with nature?


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