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Hamed Heidari

Memory like ivy

Memory recreates more than it provides. Memory is a builder. It is a set of methods. And according to Guyau, it is a real artistic act. If we remember memories that cannot be remembered according to our desire and need, these forms would make the messy and useless results . The art of remembering memories is nothing but the art of thinking.
For those who analyze the subject of memory, another paradox appears and that's contradiction of the past. How can my present time states participate in my past? How can consciousness can be present and non-present at the same time? When we describe the past, even if this understanding and awareness of the past is not completely clear,memory separates us from present and directly participates in the self-awareness of the past. In this situation, there is practically a contradiction: How can the present be the past at the same time?
Maybe if we find a suitable solution for the problem of time, we can clarify the contradictions of the problem of memory. Should I consider time the result of my conflict with myself? Or is time (an internal system) that is free from sequence , and thought causes it to arise?

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