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Magenta Magenta

This is a world that doesn't exist...

What does it mean to be unhuman? Is it the opposite of a human being?

In a space/time that is yet to exist, one of the characteristics of what constitutes the human being in its broadest definition, is the construction of civilization...

What does it mean to be civilized?

What answers this question is everything that defines an inhuman, the objection that has had to be discarded, expelled and vomited because it is intolerable for a civilized being.

The animal of man has to be tamed, sublimated, hidden in the dark.

The relationship of the human with its Other is what constitutes it, and it is being redefined according to times and customs...

The relationship with "Other living beings in their animal nature and as a paradox that which surpasses it annihilates, that is, the inhuman is also the excess of civilization that eliminates emotions over reason--the unhuman being also competes with the utilitarian, with mass production at all excess of entropy...the inhuman is a chimera half human half animal, and beyond morality, sometimes he is proud of who he is and others he hates himself.

Unhuman is the monster that no one wants to be, the one that everyone rejects, the amorphous,the waste, it is the chimera, and it is the corpse as well.It embraces, too, the superhuman, the supernatural, the demonic, and the subhuman; the supposedly disjunctive animal, vegetable, and mineral kingdoms; the realms of artifice, technology, and fantasy.

The unhuman does not necessarily means the inhuman, in the sense of conspicuous or extraordinary cruelty. What is inhuman is what is forbidden, it is perversion, but also the monster in another sense, the one that pushes the limits beyond the monster that many alienated by civilization secretly admire.

Unhuman and inhuman remain in this imaginary civilization marginalized from the rest, hidden in the dark, in the subconscious, they require the oblivion of consciousness, absent from the light but always looking for the crack that makes them appear from time to time, to make room for the “other” world.

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