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Sentient machines : The resistance

Updated: May 24, 2023

An intriguing aspect of everyday posthuman experience seems to be about recognizing the sentient and potentially emotional nature of the technologies that people (and inadvertently non human forms of life) surround themselves with.

Since technology mediates our everyday lives and I am sure I am not alone often in wondering or attributung humanistic traits to machines we use everyday. whether autocorrected messages that seem to protest or virtual assistants making jokes--understanding technology and technological futures seems also to incorporate understanding ourselves.

Primarily because things designed and built by people will incorporate their biases. but also in a sense since time seems to be cyclic, technologies too are recurrant in what they can or cannot do. very few designs and ideas are actually all that new.

The limits of where we start being defined as human or alive or sentient vs mechanical and machine is an interesting grey area. people live atomatized and lonely lives and rely further and deeper upon devices and machines, but the history and digitization of sound seems to hold some sort of mystery regarding what it means to be aware and alive.

I recently read more about musical reverb as a way of sensing space; I wonder also if the experience and absorption or interpretation of sound is a definitional benchmark of what it means to be living in the era of the posthuman.


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