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Ritual of Rejoin

Buket Yenidogan

The project creates a speculative spirituality of an oceanic posthuman. The future mythology rebuilds the past, the ritual transforms breaths to waves, dissolving selves into the water.
The experimental short film Ritual of Rejoin is a part of the artist Buket Yenidoğan's ongoing...


Daniel R Marks (DRM)

TELLDRILL1 is a performance film originally intended for a cinematic environment, being first developed for the public programming of Agent Bodies...

Ethics of Extinction

Natalia Skobeeva

For me to become visible to you I need to describe myself: adjust my colour, the way I decorate myself, surpass my...

E-motion Cloud

Frankie Zhang

E-motion Cloud is a performative engagement with the emotional flux of social media that traverse across media and user. Situating the social media sentiment as a digital weather/atmosphere that affects users’ emotions as the users affect the emotional field simultaneously, and seeing such exchange of energy...

Tapeworm Ex-Communication

Daria Ivans

​​The project (video and AR filter) came about by coincidence when Shazam displayed the “15 Most Dangerous Trees You Should Never Touch” video under Meredith Monk’s track “Do You Be?” from the album “Key” (1971). Meredith's intermittent and panting vocals...


Magenta Magenta

This is a world that doesn't exist...

What does it mean to be unhuman? is the opposite of a human being?

In a space/time that is yet to exist, one of the characteristics of what constitutes the human being...


Renzo Filinich

How does mono-technology and computerization of cultural techniques influence the nature of knowledge and the affection of being with others (people, things, nature)?

Profound /Profane Memory

Vitaly Yankovy

In the center of “Profound / profane memory” is the point of contact between everyday life and the allocated place of memory. Such a point is...

Ice Eyes

Mihai Moldovanu

There is no shadow under this sun, only glaring light passing like an x-ray through the core of things. What can we really see from this blind spot we call phenomenology? This idea of a world existing independently of human senses is so horrific that it causes a surge of anxiety that can’t be controlled....

Where Sun is an Enemy

Ankur Yadav

This video narrates the relationship of the elements, such as the sun, in relation to the skin – how the relation with the sun is being forced to
the molecular...


Quassine / Claire Cical

TEST-SOI[KI+MSM] is a collection of sessions recorded live throughout the summer of 2022. The artist is using the Sensory Overload Interface (SOI) to achieve a meditation state, using an overflow...

Realised Movements

Ankur Yadav

This video work encounters the element of wind and depicts how the wind as an element can manifest a form and structure that can be an alternative to humanness, through something like windiness. It shows how...


Hamed Heidari

Memory like ivy

Memory recreates more than it provides. Memory is a builder. It is a set of methods. And according to Guyau, it is a real artistic act. If we remember memories that cannot be remembered according to...

Propagation and Detection

Enzo Cillo

"Propagation and Detection" is a work on visual and sound perception, born from the collaboration with the composer Renato Grieco. The work aims at investigating, by dissecting an image, the space of an immaterial point...

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